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Longbows Medieval and English Longbows for Traditional Archery

Welcome to our Longbow section! Here you'll find a selection longbows for any needs, including our popular Medieval Siege Bow. Whether you're looking to do some hunting the traditional way with our Traditional Forest Longbow or need that authentic look for your LARP or reenactment costume with our Medieval Longbow or Grayhawk Longbow. See also our selection youth equipment to get the kids started young. Tolkien fans, make sure to check out the Wood Elf Longbow. 

Forest Runner Longbow

Forest Runner Longbow 46-HGB
Our Forest Runner Longbow is inspired by the Hunger Games movies. This bow is designed to capture the bow that was used by Katniss Everdeen before she was in the games.
Price: $189.00

Grayhawk English Longbow

Grayhawk English Longbow
Each Grayhawk English Longbow is made from premium hickory with a rustic design and smooth rounded belly along with tapered limbs. Each bow comes with a custom made leather handle wrap and Hand painted designs.
Price: $189.00

Medieval Battle Bow

Medieval Battle Bow MBB
Our Medieval Battle Bow features the old style texture gives this bow the feeling that it is straight from a medieval battle.
Price: $179.00

Traditional Longbow

Traditional Longbow 5001000
Our Traditional longbow designed to capture the Art of bow making and Tradition of hunting with a longbow. Genuine Leather handle wrap stitched with leather cording, leather covered Arrow rest and Hand painted designs.
Price: $169.00

Traditional Youth Longbow

Traditional Youth Longbow 5001000Y
Our Traditional Youth Longbow is an Affordable woodbow for your beginning archer, ages 6 - 12. A handmade Kids Youth Longbow, with a limited draw weight for a beginning archer. This is a great bow for target shooting.
Price: $187.00
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