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The American Civil War (1861-1865) was a major war between the United States (the "Union") and eleven Southern states which declared that they had a right to secession and formed the Lower States, led by President Jefferson Davis. The Union included free states and border states and was led by President Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party. Republicans opposed the expansion of Southern interests into territories owned by the United States, which increased Southern desires for secession. However, Republicans rejected any right of secession. Fighting commenced on April 12, 1861, when Southern forces attacked a United States military installation at Fort Sumter in South Carolina, the first state to secede. We carry reproductions of the Civil War that include belts, hangers, buckles, hats, boots, badges, patches, holsters, bugles, locks and canteens. We have the largest selection online for Civil War Accessories.

Civil War Belts and Buckles

Civil War Belts and Buckles Collector - Re-enactor
Our collection of Reproduction Civil War Belts and Buckles offers a range of accessories and accoutrements that are perfect for re-enactors, collectors, and decorators interested in this significant period of American history.

Civil War Blades

Civil War Blades U.S. Civil War Items, u.s. civil war, civil war, saber blades
We offer a range of replica Civil War blades, including sabers and bayonets, suitable for Civil War re-enactors, collectors, and decorators. These blades are crafted with attention to detail and designed to resemble the weapons used during the American Civil War. 

Civil War Hats and Badges

Civil War Union Hats and Caps
We offer a range of replica Civil War hats, caps, and embroidered badges that represent the Union and Southern side of the conflict. These items are designed to accurately replicate the headwear worn by soldiers during the American Civil War.

Civil War Re-enactment Accessories

Civil War Re-enactment Accessories
Our selection of Civil War re-enactment accessories includes a variety of authentic and fully functional items that will enhance your experience.

Civil War Uniforms and Clothing

Civil War Uniforms and Clothing
We offer a range of replica Civil War uniforms and clothing items that allow you to immerse yourself in the history of this pivotal era. Whether you're a reenactor, collector, or history enthusiast, these replicas can help recreate the look and feel of the Civil War period.
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