Maces and Morning Stars

Maces and Morning Stars
Maces and Morning Stars

The mace, a short club like weapon with a flanged head, was a symbol of rank and status as well as an effective weapon against plate and mail armour. Unlike the sword or axe, the mace was easy to use, very tough and did not require sharpening. The morning star is similar to the mace however it typically has longer and sharper spikes.

Each weapon is individually hand crafted by some of the best arms crafters in Europe. They are able to study in depth original pieces from museums and private collections in Europe. Old-World craftsmanship ensures attention to detail.

Each piece is fully functional and battle ready. Although we won't recommend using the morning stars for live steel/re-enactments they will perform just as well as the originals and extreme care should be taken.

Shipping time is between 4 to 12 weeks.

Whether you desire museum quality display pieces or battle ready arms we feel confident you can find it here.

Classic Morning Star

Classic Morning Star CD-176
This Classic example of a medieval Morning Star comes with a 19.5" hardwood shaft with leather wrapped grip.
Price: $422.00

German Flanged Mace

German Flanged Mace CD-158
This beautiful Battle Ready Functional 15th century German Flanged Mace comes with a 22 1/2" long twisted steel shaft and pierced flanges.
Price: $235.00

Italian Flanged Mace

Italian Flanged Mace CD-193
This Battle Ready Functional 16th century Italian Flanged Mace comes with a 22 1/5" long twisted steel shaft and pierced flanges.
Price: $207.00

Two-Hand Mace

Two-Hand Mace CD-181
Here is one Two-Hand Mace you don't see every day. This 15th century mace comes with a 42" long studded steel shaft and functional pierced flanges. Weight 8.8lbs.
Price: $556.00
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