LARP Dark Age and Fantasy Helmets

LARP Dark Age Helmets from Polyurethane Celtic,Fantasy,Spangenhelms and Sutton Hoo

LARP Hybrid Armour
Our Hybrid Armour items are made by traditional armourers, manufacturing Museum Quality armour in hybrid polyurethane.

The advantage of hybrid polyurethane Armour.

* It is very Tough and will Last for Years.
* It looks like REAL ARMOUR
* It's Lightweight making it perfect for LARP events and Theater
* It's Fully Functional and can be Worn
* It will never Rust, (no polishing)!!
* It will not Dent if Dropped
* It comes in a Variety of Finishes to suit your own Style!
*These are the exact items used in Movies!

Hybrid Polyurethane FAQ'S

Shipping time is normally between 6 to 8 weeks.

LARP Celtic Fantasy Spangenhelm

LARP Celtic Fantasy Spangenhelm DC-614
The LARP Celtic Fantasy Spangenhelm is a Celtic designed spangenhelm with cheeks and nasal.
Price: $273.00

LARP Eastern Spangenhelm

LARP Eastern Spangenhelm DC-419
The LARP Eastern Spangenhelm is a Pointed steel and leather-effect Helm complete with nasal and chin strap. Available with or without plume.
Price: $244.92

LARP Elven Helmet

LARP Elven Helmet DC-639
The LARP Elven Helmet is designed to compliment our Elven body armour, greaves and bracers.
Price: $216.84

LARP Fantasy Spangenhelm

LARP Fantasy Spangenhelm DC-405
The LARP Fantasy Spangenhelm is a Leather and steel effect dome with celtic knotwork nasal. With integral matching plume holder.
Price: $244.92

LARP Leather Beowulf Helmet

LARP Leather Beowulf Helmet DC-710
A stunning LARP Leather effect Beowulf Helmet inspired by the heroic saga. Helmet features a 'spectacle' face mask, knotwork embellished brow band and hinged cheek pieces.
Price: $273.00

LARP Mongol Helmet

LARP Mongol Helmet DC-701
The LARP Mongol Helmet comes with leather effect edged cheek pieces, complete with fixing thong.
Price: $207.48

LARP Plain Spangenhelm

LARP Plain Spangenhelm DC-402
The LARP Plain Spangenhelm has a fitted nasal and cheek pieces, complete with fixing thong. Available with or without horsehair plume.
Price: $216.84

LARP Spangenhelm

LARP Spangenhelm DC-397
LARP Spangenhelm with nasal, backflap and leather effect edged cheek pieces. Fastening thong included.
Price: $254.28

LARP Spangenhelm with Nasal Bar

LARP Spangenhelm with Nasal Bar DC-470
The LARP Spangenhelm with Nasal Bar is a Plain dome Spangenhelm. Available in steel or rust finish. Complete with straps.
Price: $188.76

LARP Sutton Hoo Helmet DC-411

LARP Sutton Hoo Helmet DC-411
Our LARP Sutton Hoo Helmet is a reproduction of the Anglo Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet. With red detail in eyebrows.
Price: $404.04
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